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You Wouldn't, But Scottish Labour MPs Would

In our article ‘The Representative Paradox Plaguing Scottish Labour’ we analysed the structure of the Labour Party, exposing that Scottish Labour MPs will fall in line behind Keir Starmer and act in accordance with the interests of their Westminster superiors before standing up for the interests of Scottish voters.

In conjunction with the increasingly Tory like positions adopted by Labour's London leaders, this party structure provokes a discrepancy between the values of the Scottish electorate and the voting behaviours of Scottish Labour MPs. The effects of this discrepancy have thus far culminated in several policy areas of significant importance, including Brexit, austerity, Scottish democracy, and the motion calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

In each of these areas the UK Labour party adopt a position which generally contradicts the wants, needs, and values of Scotland, and in each area Scottish Labour MPs and Westminster candidates’ side with Starmer over Scotland.

You wouldn’t vote for Brexit.

You wouldn’t vote for austerity.

You wouldn’t vote against Scottish democracy.

You wouldn’t abstain or vote against an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

You wouldn’t, but Scottish Labour MPs would.


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