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Take Our Political Foresight Test!

Are you only seeing five years ahead? Labour will win the next general election, but they wont hold on to power forever. Don't be short sighted, 5 Years isn't enough - end Tory governance of Scotland forever with independence.

Pollsters predict that the Labour party will win a landslide victory at the next general election, with their projected success being reliant on the masses of Tory seats in England which they are tipped to flip. Labours victory is likely to be assured without them needing to win any Scottish seats, and so while Scots will rightly rejoice when the Tories are ousted, they should remain extremely concerned about the very limited influence which Scotland can collectively exert in Westminster elections.

Westminster is not set up to serve Scotland. English voters elect 82% of the UK’s MP’s, meaning that at the Westminster level, Scotland is governed according to the wishes of the English electorate. This is continually evidenced; since 1955 eleven Tory governments have been elected despite every single one of them being majorly opposed in Scotland, and in 2019, every single Scot could have voted for Labour without making a difference.

The effects of this system are clear: If England decides to vote Tory, Scotland gets the Tories, but if England incidentally agrees that the Tories should be removed, then the Tories are removed. Scotland is therefore reliant on an English electorate which has continually elected Tory governments to prevent the election of more Tory governments. This is non-sensical and demonstrates the inherent dangers of maintaining a system in which England elect’s governments on Scotland’s behalf.

In 2024, the English electorate will remove a Tory government that they had previously elected against Scotland’s will. They may agree that the Tories should be ousted this time, but how long will it be before the will of Scotland is systematically defied once more? - Labour will win the next election, but they won’t hold on to power forever.

If Scotland were independent, it would be almost inconceivable that a Tory government would be elected. Ever.

Don’t be short sighted, 5 Years isn’t enough.

End Tory governance of Scotland forever with independence.


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